Quản Lý Nguồn CAF C8


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Mô tả

I.Thông số kỹ thuật

Panel color: Iron black
Power input conditions (single-phase 3-wire): AC90-260V 50-60HZ two-phase (3-wire: zero, fire, ground)
Number of 3 channels: 8-way universal socket relay controlled
Controlled output of relay, maximum single path power/total power (reactive power): 5000W/8000W, maximum reactive power
output power socket specifications: flame-retardant ABS material, can withstand a maximum current of 13A, yellow phosphorus copper material, standard universal socket
functional features: 1. Sequential opening and reverse closing 2. PASS key can open all channels simultaneously 3. Accurate voltage display
Interval time/timing time for each switch: 1 second
output relay contact current: 30A 277VAC
Circuit board specifications: double-sided fiberboard, with secondary thickening and thickening treatment for main power supply wiring
Power supply specifications: Built in switch power supply, suitable for global voltage AC90-260V 50-60HZ
Main cable specifications: 3 * 4 square cable, with a total length of 1.0 meters, equipped with 3C plugs
Opening type: Square boat type self-locking switch
Function Display Voltage Display Meter Type: Red Digital Tube Display Voltage Meter
Stacking and Cascading Function: None
Power purification function (EMI professional power grid filter): None (optional with separate or each filter)
body dimensions: length 480MM * width 165MM * height 44MM (non-standard 1U)
Single unit packaging size: 530MM long * 297MM wide * 90MM high (Meiniu cardboard box) Gross weight: 3.4KG
Whole weight and outer packaging size: 1 piece, 5 units, totaling 16KG.
Outer packaging size: length 570 * width 265 * height 430mm


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