Quản Lý Nguồn CAF C10

Liên hệ để báo giá

1 Panel color: aluminum silver gray
2 Power input conditions (single-phase 3-wire): AC190-250V 50-60HZ two-phase (three lines: zero, fire, ground)
3 channel number: 8-way universal socket relay controlled
4 Relay controlled output can withstand single channel power / total power (reactive power): 6000W/10000W maximum withstand reactive power
5 output power socket specifications: flame retardant ABS material, can withstand 13A current phosphor bronze material, standard universal socket
6 Features: 1: dot matrix function display 2: LCD voltage display 3: password setting boot 4: sequential turn reverse sequence closed, free set channel 6: time Adjustable interval 7: free channel closed 8: panel channel independent shutdown
7 Inter-switch time/timing time: default 1 second (can be set freely)
8 output relay contact current: 40A 277VAC
9 Board specifications: double-sided fiberboard, main power supply line double thickening and thickening
10 Power supply specification: Built-in switching power supply for global voltage AC90-260V 50-60HZ
11 Main cable specification: 3*4 square cable, total length 1.5m European plug
12 type of opening: push-button tact switch
13 Single independent switch function: support panel independent control (software setting control)
14 Function display voltage display table type: dot matrix function display voltmeter and function menu
15 stacking machine cascade function: No
16 Power Purification Function (EMI Professional Grid Filter): None (optional with separate or each filter)
17 body size: length 480MM * width 185MM * height 46MM (non-standard 1U)
18 single package size: length 555MM * width 255MM * height 85MM (US beef carton) gross weight: 3.5KG
19 Single piece weight and outer package size: 1 piece 5 sets total 18KG, outer package size: length 445* width 270* height 570MM