Mixer MXD24Pro


Mô tả

Function Description
■ 10 “resistive touch screen 1280×800 resolution

■ 17 100mm electric faders

■ Chinese/English interface can be switched at any time without restarting

■ Built-in USB recording and playback functions

■ It can play APE, FLAC, MP3 and WAV lossless audio formats

■ USB player can recognize Chinese song titles

■ Built-in 16-channel independent feedback suppressor

■ With 8 Dcas

■ iPad touch screen full control with real-time data syncing

■ Support for simultaneous control of eight terminals

■ 2 built-in effector modules

■ ARM firmware, DSP firmware can be upgraded through the network or USB

resistance disk

■ Each input channel has 4 sections of parameter equalization, noise gate,

feedback suppressor, high and low pass, compression, reverse phase

■ Each output channel has parameter equalization, high and low pass,

compression, reverse phase, 1 second delay device

■ Output channel L/R, 10BUS, HeadPhone(L/R)

■ 10BUS mixer bus optional fader front and rear (PRE/POST)

■ Support 100 groups of scene preset function, can export, import USB memory,

easy to backup data

■ 32 PEQ mode storage

■ Built-in signal generator: sine wave, pink noise, white noise

■ Channel parameter copy function, the same channel fast copy data

■ Connection mode: balanced input and output cannon

■ 8 fader marshalling, 8 user-defined keys, 4 quick mute group keys

■ Features panel locking keys (to prevent misoperation)

■ Channel name can be customized

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