Micro CAF M3000+ Pro i


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I.Thông số kỹ thuật

High-grade smart wireless microphone
1: At any angle, keep it still for 3-5 seconds, automatically mute to prevent howling
2: Keep it still for 10 minutes, it will automatically enter the power saving mode, and you can sing when you pick it up
3: Anti-shock function, silent in the air, silent on the ground, to avoid damage to the speaker by impact sound
4: Stand still for 30 minutes, automatic shutdown
5: Automatic anti-howling system: 0db-1db-2db-3db-4db-5db
6: Automatic search (RF) without interference frequency
7: Panel key lock function 8: Hidden password setting system
9: 1-200 / 200-1, independent ID code switching system to prevent eavesdropping.

Frequency binding method: infrared automatic frequency binding.
Sensitivity: 12dBuV (80Db S/N)
Sensitivity adjustment range: 12-32dBuV
Adjustable frequency points: 200 frequency points
Balanced output: 0-0.5V/600Ω
Audio output: 0-0.5V/5KΩ
Power supply: external 11-18V DC power supply
Working current: 300mA
Frequency range: 640MHz-690MHz
Adjustment method: FM
Maximum frequency deviation: ±45KHz
Audio response: 40Hz-18KHz(±3Db)
Comprehensive distortion: ≤0.5%
This machine is easy to install, has powerful functions and stable features, and can obtain the most satisfactory results in complex advanced conference environments.
1. Practical functions and easy operation
2. Beautiful and sturdy design
3. The sound reproduction is extremely high, and it is extremely penetrating, so that all participants can hear clear speeches

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III.Hình ảnh

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