Micro chủ tịch CAF MCT002


1)Frequency response: 40Hz-16KHz
2)Sensitivity: -44 dB±2dB
3)Reference sound receiving distance: 20~120cm
4)Portable installation and microphone pipe can be pull out
5)Newly digital design
6)The system power supply for all the delegate units is provided by the main unit at 24 safe voltages.
7)With 8-PIN T-type hand-in-hand interconnection cable
8)Electric capacity type microphone.
9)Extended pipe optional.
10)The annular red indicator lamp could show the state of the microphone.
11)The chairman unit number in the system is unrestricted, can join in any position of the system.
12)Chairman can turn down delegate MIC by priority button,
13)Indicative sound for chairman unit (optional)
14)C. only mode: only chairman microphone can be turn on.

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