Micro CAF M3000+ SPRO

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Functional characteristics

  • One key automatic search frequency
  • Receiver handheld power monitoring
  • Receiver controlled receiving distance 300 meters
  • Professional singing and design, emphasizing the saturation and clarity of the sound. Its built-in circular filter device can effectively suppress wind noise and breathing sounds, and the uniform heart-pointing mode can effectively enhance the main sound source, while minimizing background noise. Whether it is singing or speaking indoors or outdoors, it is a consistent choice for professionals
  • Adopt high transmission, sound range, high state of motion around, low feedback, audio and video precision

Host technology.

The receiving mode is really segmented. Automatic selection.

Band-width 50MHz

The interval is 250 KHz.

UHF 630-690MHz in the wave section


Switchable frequency count of 200

Table stability ± 0.0005 MHz

Into the sensitivity 12-32 dBm

Handheld technology access

Interception method red video

Belt width 250KH

UHF 630-690MHz in the wave section

200 incisors(CH000-199)

Lost power 10mW

-51 dBV.

Dispersion suppression-60dB

Pick up the head ring type

Power Supply Mode 2 AA Pools

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